Talk n Save SIM card

Talk n Save with Call Israel SIM card or Call Israel cell phone rental while in Israel. Stay fully connected ,with peace of mind and zero surprises later! Expect a great network connection with all the features 4G LTE network has to offer. Unlimited crystal HD calls within Israel and to United and Canada,Unlimited Text messages within Israel and to USA/Canada,Local American/Canadian phone number,so people you left at home could call you by dialing local number to reach you in Israel, AND Unlimited 4G LTE internet where ever you are in Israel. whats more? This is a real Talk and save plan! with Call Israel SIM card you get Unlimited Hot Spot too,so just turn your mobile phone into a modem to connect your laptop or your ipad to the internet, with NO EXTRA CHARGE! ALL INCLUDED IN ONE SERVICE FOR A FLAT DAILY FEE, NO SURPRISES! 

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean 'locked' phone?

National carriers,such as Sprint,at&t,T-mobile,Rogers, and others, lock the phone you purchase from them with a software code,so you will not be able to use the phone with other carriers. as long as your phone is still under contract,and payments still made,your phone will stay locked. carriers do that to prevent you as a user to port your telephone number and your phone to other carrier. 

If I fully paid the phone balance,does my phone will turn unlocked automatically?

Not necessarily,every carrier has different practice when it comes to unlocked a phone. In general,if your phone is fully paid,then to unlock it is just a short and technical procedure, You might have to contact the carrier to unlock it, usually takes 24-28 hours.


Can I unlock my phone if I still make payments?

YES, you should contact your carrier,let them know you are travelling abroad and going to use local SIM card,they will unlock your phone for the dates you are travelling.

How would I know if my phone got unlocked by the carrier?

It happens before when a carrier fail to unlock a phone despite unlocking date was given to the user. intentionally or non intentionally, you better to check if unlocking was successful PRIOR TO DEPARTURE. It is very simple to check: just remove your carrier (at&t/sprint/t-mobile) SIM card and replace it with SIM card we shipped you. If phone is locked, then an error message will shown on the screen. Errors messages like: 'SIM is not allowed' or 'SIM is not comply' or 'please enter pin code' or 'SIM is not supported' means your phone is locked. if you get a message 'no service', it is perfectly fine! 

What should I do if the carrier refuse/can not unlock my phone?

In rare cases a carrier can refuse to unlock a phone,or a phone (usually old version) can not get unlocked due to technical issues,then you can either rent a phone for Israel from us, it comes with the same unlimited plan, or you can choose to roam with your own phone with att/verizon/t-mobile/sprint/rogers roaming rates.

How do I know if my phone supports the Israeli cellular network?

New phones of all kinds, support ALL generations/frequencies/Bands available in the industry and that includes the network in Israel. new phones support GSM (3RD GEN.) /UMTS (3.5 GEN)/LTE (4TH GEN). If you travelling with an old phone from Verizon or Sprint, then you have to make sure this phone works on GSM. (iPhone 4/5 or Samsung Galaxy 4 for example are NOT considered old versions,they do support GSM/UMTS)

Should I change anything on my phone before arriving is Israel after switching SIM cards?

You just have to make sure that Roaming button is turned ON. Click on Setting--Cellular - turn on roaming button

Once your package with the SIM is shipped out,an explainer e mail will land at your inbox. 

Can I test the SIM before leaving?

Yes,just switch your carrier SIM card with the SIM you received from us. If no error message on screen, then your phone is ok. a 'No Service' on the screen is PERFECTLY FINE

What should I do if my phone is rejecting the SIM?

In that case your phone is still locked,please contact your carrier to unlock your phone

what is included in the service plan?

Our SIM card in Israel is an all included Unlimited usage, that includes Calls,Text,Data,local American/Canadian number,hot spot, for a flat daily rate.

Are there any surcharges?

No! If you need to make calls while in Israel to other countries (other than United States/Canada) it might cost you per minute. in that case, just let us know where you'r planning to call

What if I want to rent a phone for Israel instead of an Israeli SIM card?

If you have issues to unlock you phone,or for any other reason you prefer to rent a smart phone for Israel,just choose the right package at the checkout,and we will ship you an iPhone or Android with all the accessories packed. Phone rental includes EXACTLY the same UNLIMITED plan, on our rental phone,instead of using yours.

How do I know which SIM size to order?

There are 3 different SIM size in Market. New phones such as Iphone 5 and newer, New Galaxy Notes,and other companies phones, work on Nano SIM card. old generation phone work on Micro SIM, and the oldest on Mini (the large one). If you not sure what size your phone has, just let us know your phone type (iphone 5/6/7 or Samsung 4/5/6 etc...) , and we will specify the SIM you need. beside that, WE PROVIDE YOU WITH SIM ADAPTERS, in the package,with no extra charge. SO NO NEED TO WORRY!

How long it takes to receive the SIM or phone package?

We will ship out your package BASED ON YOUR FIRST ACTIVATION DATE, so you will receive the package 7-10 days prior to departure. so let say for example, you placed your order on January 5th, for your trip in Israel that starts on January 27th. your package will scan out around January 15th, with 2-5 delivery time. the package will delivered NO LATER THAN JAN 20TH. For that reason, if your order was placed enough time in advance, no need to pay extra for expedite shipping, just choose the cheapest shipping method.

When should I switch my phone SIM with the SIM i got from you?

SIMs should be switched as you arrive in Israel, or just before landing. If you do it while still on air, THEN MAKE SURE PHONE IS OFF,AND DO NOT TURN ON THE PHONE BEFORE LANDING! 

What happens if I need assistance while in Israel?

We provide customer/technical assistance from Israel,and emergency 24*7 line. The e mail you will receive from us,will include our customer service number from Israel. We also provide 24*7 support via e mail, and through live chat on this web site

How do I return the package to you?

If you ordered a SIM card, then a pre labeled return envelope will be included in your package, all you have to do is to place the SIM inside that envelope,to seal it, and mail it back the regular way you mail all your stuff, through post office blue boxes outside, or just give it to the mailman. If you order a phone ,then the shipping box will be used for return,same here,mail it by dropping at the Blue box or with the mailman.

Can I use my phone home charger in Israel?

Yes! All chargers work also on 220 volts BUT, you will need a small adapter to convert the outlet PINs, please select a power adapter at the
check out