Switch your mobile lines to us - keep your numbers - enjoy all included service - save hundreds of dollars every year!

All Included mobile service in one package

Unlimited Calls/text  within United States/Canada

Unlimited Calls/text  to Israel

2GB/6GB/10GB   4G LTE Data within United States

Unlimited calls/text/data while traveling Israel

Local Israeli/EU number with
unlimited incoming calls

$49/mo. 1st line
$39/mo. any additional line
No activation fees, No agreement, No minimum ,No social security number, No credit check, No commitment ,Exit any time with your numbers

Prices above included taxes

iPhone/Android supported  

3 services in 1 unlimited plan for less than your current mobile bill! 
  1. Unlimited Mobile service within the States (T-Mobile) 

  2. Unlimited calls to and from Israel (plus Israeli local number)

  3. Unlimited Mobile service while traveling Israel

Nano-Micro-Mini SIM supported

Keep your Numbers  

Keep your Phones 

We will do the rest!

How It Works
  1. Switching lines from one carrier to another is a simple technical procedure

  2. It takes only few minutes to port your numbers

  3. Prior to switching - we will ship you  a new SIM card with temporary number

  4. we schedule porting day and time at your convenient time

  5. We will port your current number to your temporary SIM on the scheduled time

  6.  Once the port is done, just switch the old SIM with the new

  7. All your phone Data such as Apps, contacts, Photos,Messages,  will not be effected

Things to know before you switch

Plan to bring your own phone 

Make sure phone is Unlocked. If you still making payments on your phone,you will have to payoff the balance to get it unlocked. Check with your current provider your balance. payoff your balance will free your phone form the carrier to make it officially yours. 

Switching from at&t 

All phones make&model compatible  -  phone has to be  unlocked

Switching from Verizon

All phones with 4g LTE (such as :iPhone 5,6,7, new models of Samsungs,LG,HTC,BLU, motorola,others  -  phone has to be  unlocked

Switching from Sprint

All phones with 4g LTE (such as :iPhone 5,6,7, new models of Samsungs,LG,HTC,BLU, motorola,others  -  phone has to be  unlocked

Test drive our service FREE

Have doubts? Test our service for 7 days FREE. Get a SIM from us with new number to use for 7 days. If you enjoyed the service and decided to switch we will then port your number into the new SIM. smooth porting NO DOWNTIME AT ALL! 

Not sure about something? Contact with us! 

Contact customer service via:

  1. 1-888-ISRAEL-8

  2. support@call-israel.com

  3. Live Chat  

  4. Contact form on the right

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