Enjoy UNLIMITED everything usage on the fastest network in Israel. Calls/text/Data and US/CANADIAN local number included.

Service will be active for 10 days.

Call Israel SIM - UNLIMITED 2.75$/day + $10 activation

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  • Call Israel is an UNLIMITED VERYTHING service included in one package. you know exactly how much you pay with no surprises later. Enjoy UNLIMITED calls within Israel and to USA/CANADA, UNLIMITED TEXT messages within Israel and to USA/CANADA. also included in package is a US/CANADIAN local number for UNLIMITED incoming calls while you in Israel. UNLIMITED 4G LTE data is included as well.

    we provide customer service (techincal) 24/7 in English.

    package will be delivered prior to departure (USA/CANADA) via Priority mail/fedex epxress/UPS express based on delivery methode choosen. 

    SIM has to be return to Call Israel center within 48 hours, a pre labeled return envelope will be provided.