Office phone system designed for professionals & Small/Medium business of any type

For any type of business

One or multiple phones

connected with your mobile devices and e mail

Interactive voice response designed for maximum customer service ,sales,and re marketing

Collect callers data for future marketing activities


Every business has  unique needs when it comes to phone system, we know that! some make lots of outgoing calls while others are more for incoming,some need phone system for an IVR ,others just to pass calls from main operator forward. 

How Cloud Phone system works?
Hardware ​
  • Choose the right phone device(s) for the business (multiple extensions,size,display,voice quality,cabled or wireless etc..)
  • Phone is hooked up to internet router
  • We will set up your phone Architecture based on your needs. we can either duplicate your current phone flow or we can make any adjustment you like. that includes new scripts,narration (male/female),hold music,etc.
  • Calls can be forwarded to external phones such as mobile phone for emergencies
  • Caller messages will be forwarded to an assign e mail
  • many other features available based on customer needs 
  • Keep your current numbers, we will port them at no downtime service or
  • Get new geographic or toll free number 

First line $39/month

any additional line $33/month

No commitment 
No set up fee
No hidden charges
Prices do not include phones, scripts writing, narration.
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