Israel SIM card for iphone 

How to travel with my iPhone international? ,We get this question all the time. so here you go, choose your best way to stay connected while travelling abroad with your iPhone.

Step 1 - Choose between using your home carrier ,at&t/t-mobile/verizon/sprint/other or a provider that specialized in roaming service. How to choose? this is fairly easy, contact your provider or go online,check their rates for calls and data to lets say Italy. most national carriers provide roaming service to almost any country in the world. at&t for example has a plan call 'Passport', gives you 200 mb data for 40$, but charges you 1$ per call minute, texting are included in the 40$. so let say you are traveling in Italy for 10 days, if you really control your data usage you might get a way with 200mb. best way to forecast your 10 day data usage in Italy ,is to check how much data you used last full  month or month before (average month), this will give you the idea what will be your 10 days consumption. This though will not be totally accurate, because you might won't have access to wifi regularly like you have while you at home or at the office. so if you using let say 2GB on monthly basis only from your mobile carrier (wifi excluded) means that you daily average is 60mb or 600mb for 10 days. in this case you will be exceeding you plan with 400mb, with 25cents per 1mb, your extra charge will be 100$. Add lets say 60 minutes calls you will make while in Italy,this will add up 60$ to your bill. all together you are expecting 200$ cell phone bill when you come back home. att offer 300mb and 800mb plans, for 60$ and 120$ respectively, which will put you on 150$ and 138$  final bill for the same data and calls number mentioned (600 mb data and 60 minutes calls). this is still a lot for just 10 days travelling. Verizon has also a roaming plan, named travel pass, which extend your home plan to use abroad,for 10$/day. it technically enable you to keep using your mobile under same plan you have at home. catch, check your data consumption per month on wifi, as you might consume only 2GB data internet, but much more on wifi which you might not have during your trip. Verizon plan though it slightly more affordable than the at&t .


Israeli SIM card for iPhone is probably a better deal for your buck. Local SIM cards basically provide you with service that locals use,and with some providers, such as Call Israel, its even savvier.  

Your number stays the same while you travelling in Israel with Call Israel SIM. so people from the States and Canada can just keep calling your regular number,and you phone will ring in Israel, nice ha.  Israeli SIM for iphone from Call Israel provides you with everything you need,unlimited, plus keeps your mobile number from home still active. Switching SIMs would save you AT LEAST 50%.
60 seconds to switch SIM would save you a lot and you will not have to count Gigas or minutes.

please check below steps  

How to enable data on your iPhone in Israel

  1. Turn OFF your phone

  2. Switch your home SIM with Call Israel SIM card

  3. Turn the phone ON

  4. Click on Settings

  5. Click on Cellular

  6. Turn ON 'Cellular data' AND 'Data Roaming'