Cell Phone Rental in Israel

Cell Phone Rental in Israel with UNLIMITED data while in Israel & Europe! Choose between iPhone or Android and get Unlimited Calls Text Data and US/Canadian number All in one package! for the lowest flat rate! No extra charges! No surprises! 

Everything you need, to stay fully connected while in Israel

Select between iPhone or Android smart phones.Enjoy with all the feature and Apps such as Navigation,e mails,Facebook,WahtsApp,and all the others, UNLIMITIED!

Just turn it ON

Enjoy the small things to make your stay even more enjoyable INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE!

Pre labeled return box for your convenience,Just put the items back in the box, close the box and mailed it back!

Easy Delivered
Easy Returned
Option 2

Smart phone with Unlimited everything service







Up to 10 Days

Up to 15 Days

Up to 20 Days

Up to 25 Days

Up to 31 Days

Rental Duration

Tariff per day

Incoming/Outgoing calls/Text in Israel

Outgoing calls to US/Canada/Europe

Text messages to US/Canada/Europe

Data 4G LTE (Internet) 

local US/Canada/Europe number

Hot spot


phone rental in Israel,How it works.

This is very simple,just choose the package needed,based on your days in Israel. We will ship you with a package that includes phone,charger,and other Add-ons if selected. Phone is programmed to get signal a soon as it turned on in Israel. Enjoy the service in Israel! As you come back home, place all items inside the shipping box,and mail it back to us.

no postal is needed,just close the box and give it to the mailman or drop in the nearest post office blue box.

The difference between reserving Israeli SIM card only or phone rental in Israel
Phone rental provides you  SAME service package as SIM reservation, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!  Only on our phone, instead of using your own phone.



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