Calls,Text,Data,Hot Spot,Local US/Canada Number too!


Europe Included*


Delivered to you within the US/Canada in 2 days

Call Israel

From Home/Office/mobile phone

Open an account ,buy or refill a 'Call Israel' phone card to enjoy with

  • Convenient dialing and affordable plan rates

  • Direct calls to family and friends with one click

  • Local number in Israel

  • Call forwarding anywhere in the world

Israel SIM Card

While Traveling Israel

Reserve a SIM card for Israel or a Smart phone for your trip in Israel/EU

  • Stay fully connected  with 'everything UNLIMITED' Israel SIM card or smart phone

  • Calls, Text, Data UNLIMITED within Israel, EU and to United States /Canada

  • 24/7 customer assistance

  • saves you at least 70% over At&t/Verizon/Sprint/T-mobile/Rogers/others

קול ישראל

למטייל בארה"ב וקנדה

הזמינו סים כארד אמריקאי טרם נסיעתכם לארה"ב וקנדה
סים אמריקאי עם שיחות ומסרונים בארה"ב וקנדה ללא הגבלה

  • שיחות ומסרונים לישראל (כולל נייידים) ללא  הגבלה

  • מספר ישראלי לניתוב שיחות לארה"ב ללא הגבלה

  • 2GB/4GB/10GB אינטרנט 4G LTE

  • שירות לקוחות בעברית 24/7

Switch your domestic cellular lines to us and save hundreds of dollars each year on your cellular bills

Save hundreds of

dollars every year

Paying more than you should?

Surprised on the monthly bill and fees ?

High Roaming charges when traveling ?


As individual you have no power over your mobile carrier, even as a couple or family plan, your leverage is very limited.

Save hundreds of

dollars every year

Switch your mobile lines to us ,keep your numbers and benefit from the power of the group. better rates, better service, All included Unlimited, International calls and service while you travel!

Whether you call Israel or not you are welcome to switch your mobile lines to us

We provide you with ALL INCLUDED service

UNLIMITED calls/text within United States and to Israel* / Europe

4G LTE internet 2GB/6GB/10GB

*UNLIMITED calls/text/data while traveling Israel

*Local Israeli/Euro number with UNLIMITED incoming calls

All you need in one service

*Provided by Call Israel

No Contract

No activation fee

No commitment 

No Credit check

No social security needed

No penalty if exit

Exit any time you want with your number

No hidden fees or clause.

Simple as it should be! 


How it works

  1. contact our customer service

  2. provide us with the number(s) you wish to switch

  3. We ship you a new SIM card with temp. number and

  4. we schedule a porting date and time convenient for you

  5. Your number will be ported as scheduled into the temporary SIM card.

  6. SIM with temp. number is now officially your new SIM with your old number 

  7. Remove old SIM from the phone and replace it with the new SIM.    

$49 only
for the first line you switch
Taxes included
$39 only
for any additional line
Taxes included